Diverging from the sports tradition wherein a game winning ball or a retiring player’s glove or something similar is thrown at the crowd at the end of the game ufc fighters throw a blood soaked spit dripping mouthguard at the fans at the end of a match

Feelings interact with humans in much the same way virus vaccines with the human immune system. If exposed to a less than lethal amount, gradually our antibodies develop an immunity to it until if it mutates or creates a different strain of itself. Some metaphor for relationships or emotions something something

Some bomb fuckwit prolly

To some people money or pride or power or art or anything else as meaningless is worth more than people’s wellbeing and in general even keeping them alive or barely that and this is how the world largely operates at this present moment and for the foreseeable future

I just remembered that fkn guy who kept a record a fucking spreadsheet of when his wife refused sex and her “excuses” and like fkn hell I’m so mad (again).

There doesn’t need to be a reason for anything there doesn’t have to be a justification for why you don’t do something someone else wants you to do, and definitely not when someone else wants to interact with you physically, especially on that intimate and vulnerable a level

What the fuck

wish i could climb up into a big redwood and nap for a really long time

*gestures to own body from head to toe* “this is a car”

"Fuarrkkk you had a mutual laugh,


You’re in”